Sunday, January 11, 2015

Лучшие выступления "Strata + Hadoop World"

В данном посте представлен список лучших выступлений с конференций Strata + Hadoop World.

Julia Angwin: "Is Privacy Becoming a Luxury Good?"

Bob Mankoff: "Crowdsourcing Humor: The New Yorker Caption Contest"

David Epstein: "Small Data in Sports: Little Differences that Mean Big Outcomes"

Foster Provost: "Understanding Decisions Driven by Big Data"

Shankar Vedantam: "The Hidden Brain"

Ben Okri: "Storytelling and Science"

Matei Zaharia, "How Companies are Using Spark, and Where the Edge in Big Data Will Be"

Megan Price: "Record Linkage for Quantifying Conflict Casualties in Syria"

Miriah Meyer Keynote -- Strata + Hadoop 2014

Источник: Top keynotes at Strata Conference and Strata + Hadoop World 2014

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